10 Things DJs Need To Do To Succeed in 2018

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10 Things DJs Need To Do To Succeed in 2018

You haven’t made it yet to the top, but you’re on your way and nothing can stop you. So here are the ground rules to make it in 2018. May it be your year!

By Sónia Silvestre

1 - Stop Celebrating Your Work Anniversary

Who cares if you’ve been playing for 15 or 30 years? It isn’t news, it’s interesting for you but not for other people. Have you seen the Rolling Stones celebrate their 110th career anniversary? Yeah, you got the gist…

2 - Ditch The Anchors

If both you still live at your parents house and they make you wash the dishes or if your significant other keeps complaining about long studio hours, trips to play elsewhere, whatever… it’s time to ditch the anchors! You’ve chosen a career that involves long nights, trips, and studio seclusion. Basically a monk’s life, except on Saturday night. Embrace it and let in only people that embrace it with you.

3 - No More Press Pictures With Accessories

Photographers love accessories, and when you book a photo shoot they’ll probably ask you to bring props, headphones, vinyl records, mixers, CDJs… And then all DJ press pictures look alike. Don’t do that, it’s a portrait, either choose interesting scenery or some out of the box imagery to be different. Don’t be a copy, be an original.   

4 - Resist The Hit

We all know you need to entertain and please the audience but resist hits. Yes, they are an easy way to get hands up but playing too many makes you sound just like a radio station. You don’t want that, you want respect. Follow Aretha’s motto, R.E.S.P.E.C.T.!

5 - Forget Your Cell

So you don’t like all the cells in the air while you’re playing, people live less and videotape more. They record to remember while not enjoying the moment. So forget your own cell. No pics or videos while you play. Actually there’s photographers or video people to do that. Embrace your performance, be there and give 100%. That’s the gig they’ll remember!

6 - Microphone Mayhem

Interacting with the crowd is part of your job. True, but do it wisely. Don’t talk too much, don’t yell too much, don’t go “put your hands up” all the time. It isn’t aerobics class or Zumba, let people do as they please. You should be able to control their reactions just using music. That’s actually what they came for.

7 - Don’t Be a Hater

Social media is great but it can quickly turn into a minefield. Most of all don’t be a bully or a hater. There’s room for everyone and you shouldn’t waste your time hating other people’s music or work. Focus on your own. Do you know a hater that made it big? I know, right?

8 - Edits, Remixes, Mashups

Use and abuse them. Having your own view of the music you play is the only valid way to be different. There’s no CO2 or fireworks that can replace good music, so own your gig and make everything in there your own.

9 - Play Your Music

If you’re a producer make sure you play your own tracks. You need to test try them, and you need to learn from those tests. Don’t be afraid, don’t be shy, put your secret weapons to the test!

10 - Pay Attention To The Masters

DJing has masters of the craft. No matter what your music style is you can learn just by listening to their mixing. Be it Erick Morillo, Carl Cox, Derrick May or Diplo, or any other master; treat yourself to some great Djing.

Reach for the stars and never settle for less.